About T. Mike Hsieh M.D.

T. Mike Hsieh, MD is a board-certified urologist specializing in male fertility and men’s health. Dr. Hsieh has a proven record of successfully treating men with sexual dysfunction. His expertise ranges from assisting those with low testosterone to erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease. He also works with male infertility patients treating ejaculatory disorder, hormone imbalance, sperm production impairment, cancer and genetic causes of infertility.

In collaboration with doctors at Moores Cancer Center, he focuses on enabling male cancer patients to preserve their fertility options before and after cancer treatments. His work has allowed survivors to preserve or regain their sexual function following cancer therapies with sexual side effects.

Dr. Hsieh is continually in search of the best methods and treatments to utilize available in his field so that his patients get the most up-to-date and advanced care possible. Because of this, he is continually conducting research projects on stem cell maturation for male fertility, outcomes of penile prosthetic surgery, testicular functional imaging and testosterone therapy in chronic pain patients.

Dr. Hsieh completed his education in urology at George Washington University hospital and earned additional training in male reproductive medicine and microsurgery at Baylor College of Medicine. Currently, he also works as an associate professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine teaching medical students and training surgical residents.


Excellent care.

The doctor asked lots of appropriate questions to get to know my situation. He also clearly 

explained my treatment options.