Vasectomy How It Works


Are you tired of listening to your wives go on and on about how they are tired of being on birth control since they were 16?  Yikes, so it is time to man up and step up to the plate. Vasectomy isn’t a bad word, it isn’t the end to your manhood, and it really isn’t that bad of a procedure.  Vasectomy is a minimally invasive surgery that patients usually are going back to normal activity within a few days.  It is the most effective form of contraception besides abstinence.

So, what’s stopping you?

  • Are you worried your “manliness” is going to come to a sudden halt, because your testosterone is going to lower?

  • Are you worried that its going to hurt because our precious “jewels” are so sensitive?

  • Are you worried that it is not reversible?

  • Or have you heard that it might cause prostate cancer, and who wants to deal with that?

The Procedure

All these worries are common misconceptions of what really goes on with a man’s body and what the procedure of a vasectomy consists of.

When your doctor is performing a vasectomy, he is a simply disrupting the plumbing system inside your body.  Sperm is still being produce every single day and your body can reabsorb them.  There will be no change to your erection or ejaculation.

So again, the question comes up, what’s stopping you?

  • Your testosterone will not be affected by this procedure, So your manliness will still be the same.

  • Addressing the second worry is a little more tough since every man has different pain tolerance.  Doctors use local anesthetic to numb your skin and testes so no pain will be felt during the procedure.  After the procedure, ice, anti-inflammatory medications and being a couch potato are usually what most men needed.  However, this procedure leaves you with a choice of what’s more painful; listening to your wife talk about how she’s tired of being on birth control or have the procedure.  Besides, you will score major points with your wife.

  • Vasectomy can be reversed but success rate is based on time after the procedure.  Because sperm is continuously being produced, fatherhood is still possible through microsurgical vasectomy reversal or sperm retrieval procedure with IVF.

  • Finally, a serious concern that no man wishes to ever encounter is prostate cancer. Fortunately, there are no studies that show vasectomy causes prostate cancer.

So finally, what’s stopping you? Take control of your sex life again and rejuvenate the bedroom with a happy wife. It’s safe, its easy, its smart.

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Low T

Are you feeling exhausted, irritable, and a little heavier than you like? Are you asking yourself “Just a few years ago I was feeling fit and looking good… What Happened?” If this sounds like you then you might have low testosterone (low T). This is a normal part of aging, affecting roughly 40% of men over the age of 45. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be your destiny for the rest of your life. You might benefit from testosterone replacement supplemental therapy.

Testosterone therapy will rejuvenate not just your sexual function but also your mind and spirit. You can see an improvement in your energy, mood, muscle mass, sleep, weight loss and studies even show it to improve bone and cardiovascular health. So instead of feeling bogged down and feeling hopeless go to your doctor and ask them about testosterone therapy.

So, what do these options look like?

  • Topical Gels

  • Injection therapy

  • Long acting subcutaneous implants

These treatments all have varying degrees of effectiveness and different side effect profile. It is important to consult an expert healthcare provider to see if testosterone therapy is right for you.

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Erectile Dysfunction Demystified

Erectile Dysfunction Demystified

  1. ED can be a signal of other circulation problem in a man’s body (cardiovascular health)

  2. Over the counter sexual enhancing supplements doesn’t replace evaluation by health care professional (often time contain ingredients that can be harmful to the body).  Over the counter ≠ safe 

  3. Viagra or similar medication is now generic, low cost treatment options are available

  4. Stem cell or plasma injections are experimental only.  There are other more effective treatment options

  5. Shock wave/ultrasound save therapy are experimental only.  UCSD Men’s health center will be conducting a study which will offer free treatment to patients.

  6. Smoking (tobacco or marijuana) can decrease a man’s sexual function

  7. Lifestyle and dietary modification work!  Weight loss is an example of a natural way to boost testosterone and erection

  8. There are treatment options beyond the pills.  Just because the blue pills don’t work, it doesn’t mean there are no other options

  9. Penile enlargement surgery is dangerous.  Proceed with extreme caution, expect complications.

  10. ED can be a side effect of medication or surgery in addition to normal aging.  Discuss with a health care provider in a comprehensive men’s health center.