Erectile Dysfunction Demystified

  1. ED can be a signal of other circulation problem in a man’s body (cardiovascular health)
  2. Over the counter sexual enhancing supplements doesn’t replace evaluation by health care professional (often time contain ingredients that can be harmful to the body).  Over the counter ≠ safe 
  3. Viagra or similar medication is now generic, low cost treatment options are available
  4. Stem cell or plasma injections are experimental only.  There are other more effective treatment options
  5. Shock wave/ultrasound save therapy are experimental only.  UCSD Men’s health center will be conducting a study which will offer free treatment to patients.
  6. Smoking (tobacco or marijuana) can decrease a man’s sexual function
  7. Lifestyle and dietary modification work!  Weight loss is an example of a natural way to boost testosterone and erection
  8. There are treatment options beyond the pills.  Just because the blue pills don’t work, it doesn’t mean there are no other options
  9. Penile enlargement surgery is dangerous.  Proceed with extreme caution, expect complications.
  10. ED can be a side effect of medication or surgery in addition to normal aging.  Discuss with a health care provider in a comprehensive men’s health center.

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