How to Manage Painful Erections

How to Manage Painful Erections

Normal erections are linked with pleasure, intimate connection, and overall health. But what if an erection leads to bothersome pain? 

Painful erections are never “normal,” and in some cases, they’re a sign of a medical emergency. Thankfully, the underlying causes tend to be quite treatable.

Dr. Mike Hsieh and Jose Luis Ruiz, PA assess and treat painful erections in our office in La Jolla, California, to help you regain the comfort and intimacy you desire.

Let’s take a closer look at this conundrum, including underlying causes and ways we can help.

Causes of painful erections

If pain during an erection is more than a mild and rare thing, you’re likely dealing with a medical issue. Painful erections can stem from numerous conditions, including:

Of all of these conditions, Peyronie’s disease is by far the most common, affecting about 1 in 20 men at some point.

More about Peyronie’s disease

When you have Peyronie’s disease, your penis has an unusual curve – usually caused by plaque buildup – that becomes pronounced during erections. Research shows that over 65% of people with the condition experience painful erections.

While anyone with a penis can develop Peyronie’s disease, your chances are higher if you smoke, drink alcohol excessively, or engage in rough sex. Starting penetration before your penis is fully erect can lead to PD as well. A family history of PD may also contribute.

How to manage painful erections

The best way to manage painful erections is to schedule an appointment with our professional team sooner than later. Conditions like priapism can lead to serious complications if left untreated, such as destroyed tissue. Phimosis may raise your risk for penile cancer. And numerous painful erection causes can lead to ongoing erectile dysfunction (ED).

Once the underlying cause of your erection pain is clear, appropriate treatment can help reduce your pain and prevent related complications.

If our team determines that you have Peyronie’s disease, we’ll recommend a personalized treatment plan. Depending on the severity of your plaque buildup and symptoms, your plan may involve oral or injected medication. If you’re dealing with severe deformity from PD, we may recommend minimally invasive or traditional surgery.

To learn more about painful erections, or if you’re ready to get started with the care you need, call our office or send us a message through our website today.

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