Low T

Are you feeling exhausted, irritable, and a little heavier than you like? Are you asking yourself “Just a few years ago I was feeling fit and looking good… What Happened?” If this sounds like you then you might have low testosterone (low T). This is a normal part of aging, affecting roughly 40% of men over the age of 45. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be your destiny for the rest of your life. You might benefit from testosterone replacement supplemental therapy.

Testosterone therapy will rejuvenate not just your sexual function but also your mind and spirit. You can see an improvement in your energy, mood, muscle mass, sleep, weight loss and studies even show it to improve bone and cardiovascular  health. So instead of feeling bogged down and feeling hopeless go to your doctor and ask them about testosterone therapy.

So, what do these options look like?

These treatments all have varying degrees of effectiveness and different side effect profile.  It is important to consult an expert healthcare provider to see if testosterone therapy is right for you.

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