Male Biological Clock

T. Mike Hsieh, MD

Director of Male Fertility and Men’s Health at the department of Urology, UC San Diego

  • Couples are delaying childbirth, why should men worry about their biological clock?

    • More educated couple, more likely to delay childbirth

    • Not a new concept for men’s health specialists

    • Reproduction isn’t immune to aging

    • Harder to father children 

    • No consensus on “advanced paternal age” – ASRM rec sperm donor <40

  • What are consequences of “advanced paternal age”?

    • Decrease semen parameters & DFI

    • Endocrine abnormalities

    • Genetic mutations: acondroplasia (1/15k), down synd(1/1200), childhood leukemia (1/25k)

    • Psych disorders rx risk for Schizophrenia (if father>45), autism (>50)

  • 5:1 ratio of female fertility specialists vs. male specialists.  Why is male fertility evaluation important?

    • “Women are to blame for infertility”

    • “IVF is a cure all for infertility”

    • Rare but potential malignant diagnosis

  • Are there natural ways to boost a man’s fertility?

    • Weight loss/exercise (except long distance cycling)

    • Smoking

    • Diet exposure to pesticide/chemical 

    • Hot tub/sauna

    • Stress reduction/sleep