Vasectomy How It Works


Are you tired of listening to your wives go on and on about how they are tired of being on birth control since they were 16?  Yikes, so it is time to man up and step up to the plate. Vasectomy isn’t a bad word, it isn’t the end to your manhood, and it really isn’t that bad of a procedure.  Vasectomy is a minimally invasive surgery that patients usually are going back to normal activity within a few days.  It is the most effective form of contraception besides abstinence.

So, what’s stopping you?


All these worries are common misconceptions of what really goes on with a man’s body and what the procedure of a vasectomy consists of.

When your doctor is performing a vasectomy, he is a simply disrupting the plumbing system inside your body.  Sperm is still being produce every single day and your body can reabsorb them.  There will be no change to your erection or ejaculation.

So again, the question comes up, what’s stopping you?

So finally, what’s stopping you? Take control of your sex life again and rejuvenate the bedroom with a happy wife. It’s safe, its easy, its smart.

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